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Dads Can Do it Too!

There are currently about 2 rows of Father’s Day items in my local Walmart and Target. When it was Mother’s Day there was no place you could turn in the store without a hint to getting a special gift, keepsake, or intentional token of appreciation for a mom in your life. But the dads… as my husband always says, “always get the short end of the stick.” As a society we always seem to value the contributions of women and moms more (well at least with this particular Holiday- devaluing women is another story for another day) when it comes to Father's Day compared to Mother’s Day. My father was and is still a very active force in my life, and I vividly remember making my mom and dad breakfast for their days. *And asking each of them for money to buy the other one a gift 😂*

Finding an amazing partner who supports me and our family has always been important. As a working mom, who is extremely active in various areas of my home, career, and volunteer efforts, I simply could not be all I am without the unwavering support of my amazing husband.

My husband, Lamar, has always been an extremely involved father. I remember when the girls were young and folks would see me without the girls and they’d ask where they were. I would of course say, “with their father.” Without fail, they would reply, “oh, that’s so nice that he’s babysitting and doing daddy daycare….” Excuse me? Come again? Oh, no. He’s taking care of HIS children - being a great dad, unprompted, and unprovoked.

I don’t have to ask him to help. If anything he’s always ahead of the game telling me to catch up 🙃 As an amazing dad he operates in a space of not expecting me or anyone else to help. He is quick to google the answer to a problem or simply think through strategies that he thinks may work for our girls.

Lamar has even started a running list of all the things that he wants to teach the girls. Y’all the list is ridiculously long from taxes, investments, not believing social media, and Black history. Although the list is for the girls I think he is so intentional on making sure they don't miss anything in life, he is creating parameters so they know everything we didn't.

There are millions of blogs out there that talk about “doing it all” as a mom. I mean I even wrote a blog, “The Ultimate Guide to Being a Working Mom,” but the expectation of men to “do it all” has never been there. Well.... here is me tapping the mic!

Dads can Do It Too!

They may not cut the sandwiches in the triangles, put the right ointment for their bruises, or bring the right bathing suit to the pool party, BUT the kids WILL be fed, their scrape will heal, they made it to the party, and most of all, with either parent, they are equally LOVED.

Amazing dads deserve a big round of applause. They deserve more than the macaroni tie. They deserve all the nice things in life.

I used to dread getting gifts for Father’s Day, but I realized a strategy to pretty much always get what he wants…


    • 😩😂😂 - Yea. I legit ask him

  • I take notes throughout the year

    • If he mentions a pair of shoes, a watch, etc. I try to write it down in my notes app of my phone and circle back a month or so before (I also do this for his birthday)

  • I make a list of all of the experiences I know he will enjoy

    • Lamar is not big on physical things. He always says “I’d rather go on a trip or do something than have things” - If the budget allows I will try and save up and do it for him

Regardless of what you give the father/dad in your life. Be intentional in what you give - even if it is a card that shares how much they mean to you. Very rarely do men hear that they are valued, highly regarded, and appreciated.


Give it up for the dads that can DO IT TOO!

BONUS: Still stumped - I included some links of popular items for dads below!

1. Hey Dudes! I have heard my coworkers rave over this shoe. It is evidently super comfortable but can also serve as a business casual look for the office

2. This Fossil watch is currently on sale and really adds that slight touch of oomph to an outfit.

3. I’m a big fan of most Dolce & Gabbana scents, and this particular light blue really does it for me in the men scent department

4. My husband’s side of the bed looks a mess, so this is an actual purchase that will be made!

5. One of the first things I got Lamar when we got together was a new wallet -his was tattered! I usually like to get them engraved but this slim wallet gives the Father’s exactly what they need



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