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The Ultimate Guide to Being a Working Mother

Working moms have to have an arsenal of tricks up their sleeves to get through the week.

Between juggling work, kids, laundry, meals, bills, date nights, and trying to function as an adult - having a few Working Mom Hacks up your sleeve is key. Through lived experiences and hours of trying to master other mom hacks I’ve seen on Pinterest, this guide is one that works the best for me and my family while also preserving my sanity :)

**I'd also like to note, that while this alludes to women who may have roles outside of the home, this can completely be adapted for our mom bosses who are in the home**

Step 1: Identify a planning day - I use to think this tactic was some bull because quite frankly I had NO DAYS OFF! But- if you cannot isolate a day- then isolate 2 hours on one day, and 2 hours on another day. Write it down in your calendar, put it in your Google Calendar with multiple notifications, and communicate with your partner that you need this day or a few hours to operate at the level of efficiency needed to take the family to the next level. Now that you’ve isolated a day to plan you will….

Step 2: Write out all the things that need to get done within a week. So, again, I’ve seen this before and immediately rolled my eyes, Like, Lord not ANOTHER to-do list!! 😩 Now, listen! I want you to break all the things you have to get done on a sheet of paper. Then, start putting them in buckets: High Priority, Mid-Priority, Low Priority or you can do colors, Green, Yellow, and Red - If you are a person usually attracted and motivated by colors, do the color method. If you are more tactical and need terms like “priority, urgent, needs attention” use those words to elicit the motivation and follow-through you need to separate tasks. I’ve included an example below


  1. Doctor’s Appt for Laila - Home

  2. Report for Recruitment - Work

  3. Meeting with Naomi’s Teacher (Zoom) - Home


  1. Set up a meeting with Jane in Accounting - Work

  2. Meet with Counselor at Marian Academy - Work

  3. Schedule date night with Lamar - Home

Green/Low Priority

  1. Set eye appointment for myself - Home

  2. Send students appreciation package - Work

  3. Call insurance company about dentist bill -Home

  4. Go over monthly budget with Lamar - Home

Again, this isn’t perfect- NOTHING IS! The trick is to find what works best for you!

Step 3: Give them CAKE!

No- we can’t give our family bread or cake to live off of and unfortunately, if you are tired of people looking at you to cook, this step really doesn’t get any better. So, I am not going to tell you any ground-breaking strategy here because I don’t care what anyone says - THERE ISN’T ONE! Start making a list of what your family likes and enjoys eating that you can cook fairly easy (by easy I mean 30-45 minute meals, here) I included a list I keep adding onto from my notes app below.

Each week during my planning time I pick 2-3 meals. I check my pantry to see if I have what I need. If I don’t have what I need I adjust my meals to include what we already have. If it is something small, I will plan to grab it from the store in the morning after I drop off the girls at school. If it is a hectic week, I stick to the 3 meals. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll make 2 meals and then pull a recipe I’ve been eyeing (cue A Taste of Yum or any other Pinterest board). I make meals that have enough for leftovers. If you are doing the math with me (3 meals, leftovers *2* = 6 meals in a 7 day week). So, yes, I put in my budget to get carryout or a meal to go once a week. I don’t have it in me every day - I’ll give you 3 good cooking days in a week. Now, if you love to cook - please go at it. It is just not my ministry to cook everyday 😂

Shakinah's Family Meal List

  • Lasagna

  • Chicken/Shrimp Alfredo

  • Jerk Pasta

  • Fish, Broccoli, Rice

  • Spaghetti

  • Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli

  • Tacos/Quesadillas

  • BBQ Chicken

  • Sliders

  • Grilled Cheese, Soup

Step 4: Make Your Mornings Smooth!

Now I’m gonna reiterate some stuff you already know here.

  • Lay out your clothes for the next day

  • Lay out your kids clothes

  • Lay out workout clothes, sneakers, socks, water bottle

  • Lay out your vitamins for you and the family

  • Have quick breakfasts ready to go! (you and family)

    • Oatmeal

    • Frozen waffles

    • Cereal

    • Protein shake

  • Meditate for 5 minutes each morning

  • Give yourself time to do it all

Step 5: Learn How to Pivot

If these last 2 years haven’t taught us anything, it is how to pivot. It is how to take a circumstance and completely shift it and make it work. This is no different than managing work, home, and life. If the report lags on and you need time to work it, look at your schedule and see how you can rock it… breathe…. Take a step back…. Can the kids eat PB&Js while you finish your work? Can you do your regular nightly routine and put them to bed early to finish your work right after? Can you order a pizza? Give yourself space to feel the moment, but don’t stay there you have to keep it moving.

Ahhhh the guide has guided it's way to an end! I hope you enjoyed this post. I try to make these posts as relatable and doable so you can get them done too! I'd love to hear your feedback :)



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