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Laila is a Pearlette!

🎶 “Laila is a Pearlette, as precious as can be, and she is really happy to be with Z Phi B!”🎶

My baby, Laila Amanda Lee, is now a part of the Pearlette Club! She’s watched Naomi from the sidelines long enough, and decided to cross the baby sands to become a member of the best Youth Club in the world 😂😂💎🤍

Pearlettes are girls ages 4-8 years old who are mentored by ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. to become outstanding leaders in their community. The purpose of the Pearlette program is to teach young girls the importance of serving their community, developing high academics and personal standards.

I love mentioning to people that Naomi and Laila are a part of this group. I often get a lot of questions about what the girls usually do and how they serve their community and learn so much.

Some community service activities the girls have done are

  • Providing toiletry, baby items, books, clothes, and canned goods to Women's Shelters

  • Raising money for St. Jude

  • Raising money for March of Dimes

  • Collecting canned items for shelters

In addition to community service, they also learn about leadership. At this age, they learn about bullying and why it is bad. They also learn about differences and what makes each person unique.

The Pearlettes are also developed academically. They have had zoom sessions with science teachers that have gone over experiments they've done at home, and art teachers have come to teach them painting skills.

Each year they host a Mother/Daughter Tea that incorporates the etiquette classes they take prior.

All in all, they provide a very holistic approach to developing young girls into wonderful leaders.

After Pearlettes there are Amicettes (age 9-13) and then Archonettes (age (14-18). The activities for them also follow a similar developmental approach to meet them where they are.

This is a great example of "SisterLee Love" and all of the villages that are needed to help our children grow into amazing humans!

Shoutout to the @zetasofhighpoint Chapter as they/we continue to uplift the youth in our community 🤗😘



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