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When I first thought of the idea of SisterLee Love and what it would morph into I knew the utopian concept of sharing love, being genuine, and being a good person had to still live on in our society. The images we see in the media do not perpetuate a sense of community, unity, togetherness, and love. But as a mother these are the things we all strive to teach our children.

Naomi at 6 months

When we first learn they are coming we make all of these “preparations” to ensure their well-being and safety. We buy onesies, burp cloths, bottles, learn about breastfeeding, and throughout this time absorb tons of information about the best way to keep our baby safe. The day comes and the stress, happiness, and joy bringing them into the world is unmatched. Woo-hoo! You just brought a whole human into this world that is dependent on you to sustain their life – no pressure, boo! After bringing them into this super-prepared home full of love and intentionality you realize something…. Do I really have to introduce this sweet baby to the world? All of the ills that exist, all of the pain, the suffering, hatred, and all the doubts…. I protected them in the womb, I want to continue to protect them outside of it.

How can love even exist in a world like this?

See the kindness, selflessness, and humanity in others.”

This is an interesting question I thought long and hard about. When Naomi was born, like most moms, my life had completely changed and was turned upside down. My friendships were rocky, I was experiencing PPD and finishing grad school. Even in the midst of this struggle, I found myself posturing as if everything was OK (Mistake #1). I refused to let anyone see me sweat (Mistake #2) until all of the pressure came to a head. Fortunately, I was surrounded by a community of folks that knew the signs, knew I was struggling, and inserted themselves into my life to help me in ways I truly needed. I needed that love, I needed that understanding, and I needed to know what to do when others around me felt the same. Having the girls centered me in a way that allowed me to see the kindness, selflessness, and humanity in others and more importantly realize the things that matter. .

Laila at 6 months

“Next Level...

Through all the trials, setbacks, lessons in life, and the many challenges, I've been able to come out on the other side stronger. No, I am far from perfect. My purpose is to help moms get back to the new version of themselves. I use all of the lessons of love, community, and resourcefulness to help women come up with strategies to be a better version for themselves and their families. While this won't cure the many ills in the world, it provides women the support and community to curate better areas of their lives. This is Next Level Motherhood... this is SisterLee Love



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I offer coaching services for new moms trying to balance parenthood, love and a career. I can guide you to better organization skills, time hacks, and so much more! Book a consultation to learn more about my services and how I can assist you. 

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