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SisterLee Love is the Lifestyle, Family, and Love community that you’ve been missing. Have you ever thought about how you show love, appreciation, and respect for one another? Whether it’s in our families, our friend groups, communities, or organizations, what is the glue that holds this all together? Love

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This notion sparked from the relationship between sisters Naomi and Laila who are only 12 months and 19 days apart and have only known life with one another. Their mom, even at their young ages, instilled in them, “you are your sister’s keeper.” Right after her 2nd birthday, Laila was diagnosed with a speech delay. Struggling to communicate her needs, her older sister, Naomi, began to speak for her.

SisterLeeLove is proof that the love and bond between sisters is undeniable. Inspired by two toddlers, Naomi and Laila Lee, SisterLeeLove not only embodies the love between sisters but how love fuels the way we celebrate and build family.”



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